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Flat fee $990 if recoverableWith nearly ten years of data recovery experience, five of these fixing hard disk drives for Data Recovery companies, Re-Source Hardware is arguably one of the most experienced data recovery companies in Australia. Specialising in Hardware repair, we are able to repair and recover data from all types of hard drive large or small.

There are several main reasons to use Re-Source Hardware:

1. Close to 10 years data recovery experience. While other companies have been operating for one or two years, we have the experience of many years in the industry and therefore more experience with the hundreds of ways a hard disk may fail

2. We recover data for data recovery companies. (various data recovery companies send the work they are unable to do, or come to us for parts - we have over 10,000 drives in stock.)

3. No data recovery inspection fees. If we cannot recover your data - you do not pay.

4.We only carry out data recovery (hard disk repair) - We only specialise in the one thing.

Data Recovery Services

Although we do not sell data recovery software for DIY data recovery, we have vast experience in all forms of data recovery services.

Hard drive data recovery and hard drive repair are something that should not be left to the inexperienced. To proceed with file recovery from a hard drive or hard disk, there are certain steps that should always be taken. We at Recover Data have the experience to know what the noises mean (or what they do not mean if the drive is silent) when a hard drive is knocking, clicking or clunking, or not detecting in BIOS. We are able to temporarily repair your hard drive to find the lost data.

Although we specialise in hard drive repair for data recovery, we can also undelete files if necessary. If you have formatted your hard drive or have just deleted something that is needed, stop immediately. To find the lost data, the less that you use the hard drive, the easier it is to perform an easy recovery and find the lost files you are after. A successful data recovery usually depends on how much you have tampered with the hard disk/data before we have it here in the offices.

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